The Sober Alcoholic Application Development

Project Overview

  • Category: App Development
  • Medium: Xcode
  • Project date: Fall 2022
  • Find: Case Study

My Native App Development class culminated with my final project: a fully-functional app built using SwiftUI in Xcode. The Sober Alcoholic applicaiton serves as a comprehensive drinking guide for Athens, Georgia residents and visitors. Upon opening the app, users are greeted with a homepage that features easy-to-use links to a curated cocktail list, a map view showing where you can find these drinks in Athens, and a storefront featuring personalized designs that I created for each cocktail.

Being a solo project, I dedicated most of the semester to ideating, wireframing, and developing the app. As a novice in SwiftUI, I experimented with various designs and tested multiple iterations of the project before finalizing the final product.

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